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Integrated Risk Management Partnership

Seamlessly Integrate Creditsafe's World Class Business Credit Reports into CreditPoint's Powerful Credit Risk Management Tools

See The Whole Picture

Key Public and Private Company Data Combined with a Robust Credit Risk Workflow

Leverage strategic partnerships with the Credit Management Association (CMA) and the National Association of Credit Managers (NACM) with Credit Alert.

Streamline & accelarate your collections processes with Paypoint

Lower DSO and Improve Overall Cash Management

Highly Configurable Collections Workflow

Increase the efficiency and productivity of the entire collections team with PayPoint, our collections and dispute/deductions management software.


Credit Risk Management

CreditPoint Software offers the most comprehensive suite of credit risk management solutions in the market.  Whether you simply need time-savings and improved collaboration, or if you need help managing complex credit decisions in a disparate environment, our solutions can help you achieve a higher level of efficiency and productivity.  

Online Credit Application

Accelerate the Application Process, Reduce Onboarding Delays and Drive Revenue Faster. 

Delivered as a self-service portal, your applicants can request credit on application templates you design.  All connected to major credit bureaus and rating agencies to streamline data collection and decision making.

Collections & Dispute Management

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business. CreditPoint’s PayPoint Collections Software helps companies reduce DSO by increasing the efficiency and productivity of the entire collections team.

Business Intelligence Reporting Tool

This business intelligence solution was designed with the reporting needs of finance departments in mind. Remaining agile in today’s ever-changing business environment requires a holistic view of your portfolio. Our application enables you to assess the performance of your customers, analysts and strategies to ensure that your processes remain effective.


Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive commercial credit risk and collections management solutions available. There’s a better way to manage your processes and also gain more insight from your business intelligence. CreditPoint can help maximize your overall productivity. Let us show you.