Creditsafe Partnership for Superior Integrated Risk Management

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World-Class Creditsafe Business Credit Reports Seamlessly Integrated

into CreditPoint’s Powerful Credit Risk Management Tool

Maximize Efficiency

  • Empower Creditsafe Reports with automation to
    improve portfolio management
  • Consolidated Business Reporting
  • Supplement Creditsafe Reports with streamlined
    access to public financial statements

Increase Productivity

  • Onboard customers faster with our Online Credit App (Optional)
  • Instant and actionable alerts when financials, ratings, and business credit reports change
  • Automate and streamline your credit review process
  • Monitor, track, and maintain an audit trail throughout your
    review process

Rapid Deployment

  • Go live in a matter of hours
  • No IT Resources
  • Integration to Creditsafe reports, Public Financials and ratings
    is complete
  • Try it now - Risk Free

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