Business Intelligence Reporting Tool

Drive better financial performance with nSight, our tool for in-depth business intelligence

nSight was designed with the commercial credit reporting needs of finance departments in mind. Remaining agile in today’s ever-changing business environment requires a holistic view of your portfolio. Our business intelligence reporting tool enables you to assess the performance of your customers, analysts and strategies to ensure that your processes remain effective.

More Insight with Fewer Tools

nSight replaces the need for manual tools such as Excel, Access and other spreadsheet-based applications. And by seamlessly integrating with our Credit Risk analysis and Collections applications, you can easily access your entire portfolio and financial data in a single location. With dozens of standard reports, nSight is able to give you that visibility from day one. Below are just a few of the key reports.

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Credit Portfolio Analysis Report:

  • View your entire portfolio from a single dashboard.
  • Examine Key Balances at an aggregate level.
  • Dynamically view different levels of data (Risk Level, Customer Type, Business Unit etc.)

Ad Hoc Report – Credit:

  • Select the data you want to see.
  • Features 11 sub reports.
  • View data by Credit Line, Trade References, Customers, Review Types and more.

Ad Hoc Report – Collections:

  • Select the data you want to see.
  • Select from up to 36 different fields.
  • Search by Dispute Types, Invoices, Customers and Users.

Collections Dashboard

  • Gain a summary view of accounts receivable.
  • See top past due customers and portion of accounts receivable that has disputes against it.
  • Set up unique aging buckets and target days past due.
  • Filter reports by balances over a certain amount.

Additional Standard Reports

  • Aging Report
  • Collector Actions
  • Credit Limit Change Analysis
  • Credit Accounts Receivable Summary
  • Dozens more Standard Reports

Credit Usage Dashboard Report

  • View usage of the CreditPoint application.
  • Filter report based on ERP System, Business Unit, Risk Level and User Status.

Cash Forecasting Report

  • Project cash inflow more accurately.
  • Incorporate anticipated receipts into your data.

Collector Actions Report

  • View collector productivity and overall workload distribution.
  • Gauge efficiency with Actions Due, Workload Balance, Call Activities and Incomplete Actions sub reports.
  • KPI’s include Collector’s Invoice Values over the last 30 days & Summary Balance of accounts receivable by collector.

Efficiencies Gained

  • Improve portfolio transparency
  • Save time on compiling data and exporting/reformatting reports
  • Consolidate reports from multiple, separate source systems
  • Use detailed KPI's to help ensure that you are hitting company targets
  • Export reports to Excel, PDF or print directly from your application
  • Create filtered reports that can be saved as bookmarks for later use