Collections Management

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business. CreditPoint’s PayPoint Collections Software helps companies reduce DSO by increasing the efficiency and productivity of the entire collections team. This efficiency doesn’t come from a one-size-fits-all approach. Our collections management software gives you the ability to create and configure as many collections and dispute/deductions strategies as you need, in order to accomplish your larger business goals. Accounts are then prioritized, based on these unique strategies, to ensure those customers needing the most attention are handled first. And for an additional level of assurance, our built in alert and auto escalation systems make sure no accounts are slipping through the cracks.

PayPoint accelerates companies’ collections and dispute/deductions management processes by equipping them with a workflow engine automating those activities that have become too manual and time intensive. The result? Increased collector productivity, faster dispute/deductions resolution and overall improved cash management.

Our b2b collections software also provides a single access point for all of your customer and AR data. By eliminating the need for jumping between multiple systems, the AR and Collections teams are able to spend their time collecting cash and resolving disputes more effectively and efficiently.

Companies around the globe, spanning a variety of industries, are turning to PayPoint as the solution for their commercial collections needs.


Data Aggregation

  • Gain a central location where all customer data can be viewed, stored and acted upon
  • A proven system for integrating with any ERP System (SAP, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Oracle, etc)

Improved Collaboration & Faster Communication

  • Streamlined workflow eliminates re-entering information from system to system
  • Automate or manually manage customer correspondence (dunning notices, invoicing, etc)
  • Audit trails of customer correspondence, dispute/deductions and more
  • Easily manage processes around the globe through Auto-Alerts

Increased Transparency

  • Executive-level Reporting
  • View entire portfolio from the company down to the individual account, invoice and collector levels
  • Improve Cash Forecasting
  • View payment trends over time

Key Functionalities

  • Aggregated data allows easy access to all invoice, invoice line item, notes, and payment information
  • Streamline and accelerate dispute and deductions management with worklists and automated workflows
  • Establish KPI goals realated to aging, DSO and more
  • Create and automate collections, dispute and deductions strategies based on your business rules
  • Provide users with a summary view of each past-due account that includes open invoices and disputes
  • Auto Reminders and Escalation alerts ensure users stay up to date on all accounts
  • Automate Electronic Invoicing
  • Promise-to-pay Tracking
  • Robust reports give you the visibility needed to improve performance, through lower DSO and reduced Bad Debt Write Offs
  • Manage complex customer hierarchies
  • Make and manage disputes/deductions at the invoice or line item level
  • Send invoices to customers via fax and email
  • Customer and Sales Portal Options are also available