Online Credit Application

Accelerate the Application Process, Reduce Onboarding Delays and Drive Revenue Faster


Designed To Meet Your Company's Unique Needs

Configure unlimited online credit application templates to cover each of your unique business needs. Easily create and designate required fields to ensure all critical data is collected for a proper analysis. No more being slowed down by applications that are missing information. Our software ensures that each application is complete and contains the credit information needed for your decision-making.

For an improved customer experience, each online credit app can feature your company logo and unique branding. Applicants can access the online credit applications at their convenience via your company website or email link.

Gain Confidence in Your Decision-Making

Improve your financial risk assessment with CreditPoint's secure data aggregation and automated review.

The software offers seamless integration with a wide array of trade bureaus and financial information.  This data allows for critical onboarding information to drive a company's scoring models and reinforce their business processes throughout an entire organization.

  • Accelerate decision making with automated data collection from Credit Bureaus and Rating Agencies
  • Customizable online credit application forms to match your requirements
  • Automate bank and trade reference requests
  • Configurable scorecards and out of the box standard models
  • E-Signature manage audit tracking

Proactive Credit Risk Monitoring

Once a customer has been added in CreditPoint's risk management solution, the software functions as an early warning system alerting you to changes in a customer's risk profile. Alerts can be configured to your business needs and risk appetite. Recieve email notifications detailing risky paying behaviors, drops in financial standing and more.

By identifying increased risk sooner, companies can effectively mitigate their exposure and drive profitable growth.