Credit Risk Management

Using data to see what lies ahead.

CreditPoint Software offers the most comprehensive suite of credit risk management solutions in the market. Whether you simply need time-savings and improved collaboration, or if you need help managing complex credit decisions in a disparate environment, our risk management software can help you achieve a higher level of efficiency and productivity.

From small and medium sized companies, all the way up to Fortune 50, CreditPoint serves a myriad of business types and sizes. With users on 5 different continents, we are truly global.


CreditPoint distinguishes itself by offering solutions which are tailored to your current situation, while also allowing you to grow and evolve as your needs change. Below are examples of just a few of the credit environments we currently serve.

Organizations with Minimal Customer Accounts but Significant Exposure

  • Gain Decision Support from an Easy-To-Digest Software Interface
  • Create and Maintain an Audit Trail Throughout Your Review Process
  • Increase Transparency Within Your Portfolio

Organizations with Low Exposure but High Account Volume

  • Increased Efficiency and Automation
  • Auto-Approvals
  • Exceptions-Based Credit Analysis

Large Global Clients:

  • Manage Global Workflows (Auto-Alerts, Delegation of Authority, etc.)
  • Executive Dashboards & Reporting
  • Establish A Central Location to View & Store Customer Information

Companies with Multiple ERP Systems & Disparate Data

  • Seamless Integration with all ERP Systems, Including (SAP, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Oracle, Etc)
  • Consolidate Exposure & Set Credit Limits at an Entity Level
  • Eliminate Data Silos and improve collaboration with universal access to data

Businesses Needing Integration with 3rd Party Data

  • Partnership with S&P Global Market Intelligence allows direct access to their various Ratings, Financial Data, and Research Reports
  • Partnership with CMA allows you to order 3rd Party Bureau reports (D&B, Experian, Equifax), without a contract, and choose your desired quantity and frequency
  • NACM Preferred Partner with full integration to their National Trade Credit Report
  • Ability to integrate with any 3rd party data provider

CreditPoint Software has established partnerships with S&P Global Market Intelligence and the Credit Management Association, creating a single platform that combines our industry leading credit collaboration software, with the automation of credit data for both private and public companies. New financial statements or ratings updates are automatically uploaded to your database, and with our automated notification system, you can receive email alerts anytime there is a change in a customer’s risk profile.

CreditPoint also has the unique ability to provide S&P Ratings Direct Fixed Income Credit Research, giving users instant access to 9 Research Article Types, ranging from the individual issuer to the general market.

When it comes to privately held customers, you have simple and affordable access to D&B, Equifax and Experian, without requiring a long-term contract.  You can order from a single or multiple providers, right from the application, and pay for only the reports you need.  And if you already have a subscription with one of those providers, you can still order a report from one of the other bureaus, to help supplement your credit decision when more data is needed.

Whether you want to quickly review the latest bureau score, or utilize the collaboration software for deeper analysis of a particular customer, our suite of credit solutions gives you a single place to manage your entire portfolio.  

By combining all of this into our industry leading software platform, you’re able to enhance your credit decision collaboration, ultimately improving your ability to manage risk.

The table below outlines some of the key features available in our software:

External Data  
  S&P Issuer Ratings with Outlook Yes
  Moody's Issuer Ratings Yes
  CapIQ Financials Yes
  AnscersX Triple Score Yes
  D&B Paydex Yes
  Experian Intelliscore Yes
  Equifax SBCR Yes
  Suites, Liens & Judgements Yes
  NACM National Trade Credit Report Yes
  Standard ERP Integration Yes
  S&P Research Reports Yes
  Custom Bureau Integration Yes
  Custom ERP Integration Yes
Credit Decisions  
  Basic Credit Workflow Yes
  Financial Statement Management Yes
  Credit Scoring Yes
  Standard Credit Models Yes
  Ratio Trend Analysis Yes
  Recommended Credit Limits Yes
  Auto Approvals Yes
  Bank & Trade References Yes
  Custom Credit Workflow Yes
  Order Management Yes
  Family Tree & Credit Limit Allocation Yes
  Custom Credit Models Yes
  Currency Conversion Yes
Workflow and Portfolio Management  
  Credit Limit DOA & Approval Process Yes
  Sales Order Workflow Yes
  Portfolio Analysis Automatic Tasks Yes
  Letter Templates Yes
Customer Management  
  Calendar Yes
  Tasks Yes
  Customer Contacts Yes
  Customer Alerts/Comments Yes
  Customer UDFs Yes
  Security/Collateral Management Yes
  File Center Yes
  Portfolio Analysis Yes
  Executive Dashboards Yes
  Ad Hoc Reporting Yes
  Analyst KPI’s Yes
  BenchMark Report Yes
CreditPoint Suite Integration  
  Online Credit Application Integration Yes
  Collections Module Integration Yes
  Dispute Portal Integration Yes
  Sales Portal Integration Yes
  Customer Portal Integration Yes

All of our credit risk solutions come out of the box with a standard suite of risk models. And thanks to the user friendly and intuitive nature of the application, you also have the ability to create and modify models yourself. Regardless of your particular risk appetite, our applications can adapt to your business processes.

For a closer look at the application that best suits your needs, request a demo today.