Credit Risk Management

Automate Credit Scoring & Accelerate Credit Reviews


Faster and More Confident Decision-Making

Gain complete credit risk functionality that begins at the initial credit request and follows through to the approval.

With CreditPoint you gain increased transparency as well as the critical insight needed for mitigating risk. Easily replicate and automate your unique procedures and processes within this highly configurable solution.  The automated workflow also supports bureau and ERP integration, rule-based workflows, tracking and on-going monitoring as well as reminders and escalation.

Client Success Story

Leading Electronics Manufacturing Company Doubles Revenue Growth While Saving $1.5 Million in Annual Operating Costs.

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Improve Collaboration Across Your Entire Organization

Online Credit Application

Accelerate and streamline your onboarding process with a powerful tool that features automated Bank and Trade Reference Checks as well as unlimited Online Credit App templates to better address each unique business need.

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Seamless Data Integrations

Establish a single repository for all customer information with seamless integration with a wide array of ERP systems and 3rd party data providers.


Credit Decisioning

Use configurable scoring models to standardize the review process.  Get more done in less time with automated reviews, approvals and workflows.


Document Management

Increase access and visibility to all customer information in a searchable file center.


Business Intelligence

Gain keen insight into operational performance with dynamic in-depth analytical standard and ad-hoc reports.

Companies We Serve

Our client base stems from a wide range of industries, ranging in size from small and medium-sized companies, all the way up to Fortune 500.  We have helped our clients overcome many credit risk management challenges. Below are a few of the types of companies we serve and a few of the many efficiencies we provide.

Organizations with Minimal Customer Accounts but Significant Exposure

  • Gain Decision Support from an Easy-To-Digest Software Interface
  • Create and Maintain an Audit Trail Throughout the Review Process
  • Increase Portfolio Transparency

Large Global Clients:

  • Manage Global Workflows (Auto-Alerts, Delegation of Authority, etc.)
  • Executive Dashboards and Reporting
  • Establish A Central Location to View and Store Customer Information

Organizations with Low Exposure but High Account Volume

  • Increased Efficiency and Automation
  • Auto-Approvals
  • Exceptions-Based Credit Analysis that Frees Up Staff to Focus on Accounts Needing Greater Attention

Companies with Multiple ERP Systems & Disparate Data

  • Seamless Integration with all ERP Systems
  • Consolidate Exposure and Set Credit Limits at an Entity Level
  • Eliminate Data Silos and Improve Collaboration with Universal Access to Data

Businesses Needing Integration with 3rd Party Data

  • Partnership with S&P Global Market Intelligence allows direct access to their various Ratings, Financial Data, and Research Reports
  • Partnerships with 3rd Party Bureau reports such as D&B, Experian, Creditsafe and others allow you to order 3rd party bureau reports without a contract.
  • NACM Preferred Partner with full integration to their National Trade Credit Report